Leveraging your organic search is where you grow

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Far too many small businesses are intent upon throwing most of their financial resources into paid search while pretty much ignoring the true power of organic search. Impatience will do a company in rather quickly. While paid search can bring some immediate traffic, it becomes like a drug habit that must constantly be fed. The true secret to your long term growth is in your organic SEO marketing. The truth of all of the recent research indicates that it is more trusted by people who are actually potential customers. They tend to look at organic search results as being more legitimate than paid search results.

The first challenge many companies have with organic SEO is that there goals for such a long term project don’t tend to be clearly defined. A company’s metrics and logistics must be the same. Not all keywords or phrases are created equal and your SEO team needs to do the research needed to determine what you need to use and how you need to use it.

Many companies tend to confuse their SEO marketing with what they think the search engines are looking for and what their potential customers are looking for. The search engines try and deliver results based on company efforts but often those are not lined up with customer wants and expectations. In aligning your overall search, you just can’t try and realign your site design to accommodate the search engines while ignoring what would be best to convert customers when they actually get there. It is a huge and time consuming process that you would be wise to leave to the pros.

Finding that smooth transition between SEO strategy and deployment can be a tricky thing. Getting everything to overlap and be all inclusive is not an easy project. A company just needs to remember that SEO marketing is a long term investment and not a short term and quick fix cost.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer