Some link building hacks to increase your SEO


Link building is essential to the success of your SEO marketing strategies but it becomes tougher to do every day. Search god Google expects everyone to have them if they want to pull up on the first page of a SERP but strategy has changed because it takes efforts on multiple fronts to get the quality back links you need to thrive.

You begin, of course, with the strongest and most engaging content you can produce. That is what attracts the search god and what attracts those links. It just may be time to try some unorthodox strategies that can make you stronger overall and make you more attractive to those companies and sites you are looking to add to your links.

  • One of the most effective ways to gather in some valued links is to head out into the community and promote local organizations. Set up link exchanges with other business in your community or region. In addition, you can start an awards program. Offer an award for which business and organizations can compete. Offer special rewards and discounts and even a trophy to the winner. Its a good way to get linked and to boost your SEO through some serious brand awareness.
  • Put together a networking event and invite everyone from regional businesses to chambers of commerce to community organizations and leaders. You will attract those links if all goes well as those in attendance will start to create a buzz for you out on social media and link their network to your site.
  • Get published at those sites and industry forums that fit your business. It will be a huge boost for your SEO efforts and you can build quality links for the sites you are published on. In that vein, seek out the influencers in your industry as well as the local and regional media. Get interviewed. Make yourself an authority at what you do over and above your SEO content creation and marketing.
  • Share videos with those sites you are looking to establish links with. Not only your own content videos but others you find that may be helpful or entertaining or informational that you feel might get shared. When they get shared, it is customary for the webmaster to attach a link to the video.

Link building is important to your SEO marketing efforts and it won’t hurt to get creative in attracting them. Any edge you can get over the competition is certainly worth the effort and the time invested.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer