These link building hacks will explode your traffic


The great search engine god, Google, tends to be rather vague with regard to many of the strategies that will positively affect a site’s SEO marketing and rankings. However, one thing that has been proven to work in the effort to drive traffic is the building of quality links. Have a link to your site at the website of another business can give you the immediate trust and credibility that will cause potential customers to check you out.

Know thy enemy and build alliances

If you don’t know already, it is imperative that you know what your direct rivals are up to. You have to know what everyone else is doing especially those rivals who are successful with their SEO marketing. Check their sites. See what links they have built and follow them. There are many quality software tools out there that can help you research and understand any links that are at any site. Knowing what the others are doing puts you in position to also be trusted and viewed as an expert.

Once you know where the quality is, you need to build those relationships and build them into long lasting alliances. Like the old saying goes; you are who you hang around with. Start by actually contacting the companies you want to be associated with and linked to. Introduce yourself and your company and start sending over quality content that is useful and helpful to them and go from there. It will be rather like a cyber space trade show or chamber networking event.

Be a guest on their show and be everywhere at the social sites

Writing guest posts at sites are always welcomed. It offers the site an opportunity to post fresh and relevant content. It makes them look good because an expert in a related field is writing for them and it’s good for you because now you are in front of a whole new and related audience. Make sure your content has links within the content. This shows Google that you are, indeed, an authority and are associated with other trusted experts of quality.

Dead links can be a goldmine for your SEO marketing efforts. If you click on a link at a site and get a 404 error, it marks an opportunity for you. Contact the site owner and let them know about it and offer your site as a viable replacement. As far as your social media marketing efforts go, you must have share buttons for every site you are on prominently displayed in your content. Huge traffic numbers are out there for the business who can get the shares out on social media.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer