LinkedIn can help you expand your brand and drive more traffic if done right

One of the best social media platforms out there for attracting business, expanding your rand awareness, and driving traffic is LinkedIn. Potential clients and customers are everywhere and you should be taking the time to put an effective social media marketing campaign together for the platform. Just remember, LinkedIn isn’t Facebook. There are strategies that will work there and strategies that will not. It is the far and away top social media platform for doing and attracting business. You must be out there and be out there effectively.

  • Make a plan and do your plan. LinkedIn groups can be refined and specific. Scope out those groups that will serve you well to join. Zero in on those group members who seem to carry the most influence and weight and target them specifically. Be the authority on what you do and put it on display. Use your best sales and negotiation skills and find out what works to attract their attention and interest.
  • Display your brand. Keep your logo and your message consistent with your overall social media marketing and advertising. Staying consistent allows you to eventually be recognized almost instantly. Keep the bio and the details simple and to the point. This is serious business not some Facebook group following everything the Kardashians do.
  • Be the leader that you are. There are over one billion, yes, billion, groups out on LinkedIn. It will be impossible not to find a small handful that will suit your brand awareness strategy. Help the group move upward. Help them to become a group to be reckoned with out on the platform.
  • Build a team for the long run. Like your SEO efforts, your social media marketing is for the long run. If you are looking for instant gratification, buy a dog. If you are looking to be successful as a business today, next year and for the decades to come, you need a plan and you must work it every day. Once you have a LinkedIn team, you can reach into their networks and expand your reach like the ripples on a pond.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer