Making your SEO more relevant

Making your SEO strategy more relevant can mean the difference between driving traffic and not driving traffic. Between making those prized conversions or letting those sales just slip away. Most small businesses are keeping track of their keywords and their rankings when those rankings may be a tad irrelevant when it comes to measuring your SEO marketing successes.

  • Long tail key phrases are what are being used quite extensively as searches have begun to take on conversational tones. Using them greatly affects your SEO for the better. Since Google uses its AI system known as RankBrain to compute all of the searches done at its search engine, looking to land on a “page 1” becomes almost irrelevant. What moves to the forefront is relevancy rather than just keyword or key phrase selection. How relevant are you to what the searcher is looking to find? For Google anyway, it is about finding the correct business that will be the perfect match for the search. This is especially true of late because of the rise of voice search.
  • So, knowing this, how to you go about measuring exactly how relevant your SEO has become? First look toward your organic search results and measure if the traffic, your amount of visitors, keeps growing from month to month. See where they are coming from. Are they coming from your geographical range? Your organic search traffic should begin to increase significantly all across the board when you decide to move your SEO strategy toward search relevancy.
  • It doesn’t matter all that much what your competitors are doing. Do not try and compete with them to the point of being distracted. You know what problems you can solve for your potential customers and you know what they are looking for.  Stay relevant to their lives and what they are searching for and your traffic should increase over time.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer