This is where your marketing needs to be headed

As the new year dawns, so are certain marketing trends that you need to put into action. Aside from your SEO and social media marketing strategies, there are a few new marketing devices that are looking to come to the forefront this year. Your aim is to dominate your rivals and to reach potential customers so keep these following trends in mind as you plan your marketing for the next several months.

  • One marketing strategy that will be making huge gains this year is the branded podcast. Podcasts are hugely popular as recent research has noted that nearly 70 million people every month engage a podcast. Not only are they engaging but they are watching the entire podcast. In this age of nearly zero attention spans, this is welcoming news. This is a huge opportunity to reach the demographics you are looking to reach and to be able to hold their attention for a significant period of time. The engagement factor can’t be denied and the podcast is also a device that is reasonably simple to put together and they tend to be less expensive than marketing videos to produce.
  • Optimizing for audio and the greater use of chatbots are two other trends that will gain some serious leverage in the coming year. Platforms such as Echo and Alexa are now making it easier for people to access your podcasts whenever they want to. While audio optimization is still young, it is growing and the technology is ready to take off in the coming months. Taking a cue from the legendary Siri, many companies are now developing and deploying chatbots that will interact with potential customers from product education to customer service. It will become an effective way to keep in touch with your customer base and drive that traffic and those conversions.
  • While quality content will continue to drive your SEO success, many companies are now teaming up with similar or complimentary brands to collaborate and share content. This is a great way to reach entirely new audiences, confirm your brand’s authority and to expand your company’s reach beyond your basic demographic.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer