In a marketing rut? Jump start your traffic today

There will often come a time when a small business seems to be in a marketing rut. Traffic and conversions have remained about the same or have dropped over time and you and your team are struggling to determine what is going wrong. If you are a young company, you may not have a marketing and SEO firm or team in place. This is something you need to do because running your business and tending to the intricate nature of today’s marketing can get overwhelming at times. There are a few hacks, however, that you can begin to put into place today that can give your brand, and your traffic, a huge jump start.

  • While it may be a bit premature for a complete marketing and SEO overhaul, it certainly is time for a re-evaluation. Many small business owners are so busy running their businesses that they tend to run on auto pilot once a plan had been developed and implemented. The first thing you need to look at with your SEO firm or team is your data and your analytics. Make sure you still have a grip on your customer base with regard to who they are and where they are. Your data analysis should begin to reveal what is working for you and what is not.
  • Next take a look at your overall value proposition and your branding messages in general. Is your messaging consistent? Are you solving a problem for them? Are you bringing added value into their lives? Are you showing them how you are better than your rivals? If, once things begin to be re-evaluated, you and your team believe that you have been pretty on point with your campaigns, then maybe your customer profile has shifted or migrated? Has your business evolved and, perhaps, left a segment of your customer base behind? Does the evolution of your business mean you might be looking to attract a whole different market segment or demographic?
  • Finally, when much of the re-evaluation has been done, and trends and future plans have emerged, it is time to take a look at your content strategy. As always, it is your content that will drive traffic and make those needed conversions. Time to make your new content relevant to your customers as well as engaging enough to drive that traffic. This will also may include some new directions with regard to your SEO and social media marketing. The entire process of a possible reboot may take a little bit of time but, in the end, you will have examined what has been slowing down your traffic and conversions. It is a jump start you may need to keep those conversions rising and to keep your competitors at bay.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer