This is how the Millennials engage with video


The Millennial generation (18-35 year olds) are heavily engaged with their electronics especially their mobile devices and with video. Video has taken on an enormous importance everywhere and no area more important than SEO marketing efforts. The upper end of the Millennial spectrum has begun to take their place as the major movers and shakers and consumers in our society. Recent marketing studies have shown how important this segment is and how they interact and engage with video platforms.

  • Of 500 Millennials surved recently by, the research found that 73% of them watch video for at least two hours a week and that over half of them watched at least five hours of video every week. More than any other generation, however, they use ad blocking apps with intense frequency but will watch a video that is engaging and informative for them.
  • The good news is that 85% will pull the trigger and buy a product or engage a service after watching a video about it at a site they trust or from an influencer they know. Peer reviews are extremely important to this generation. Almost 60% of them will actually want to see a video about a product before making a buying decision.
  • Beauty, gaming and tech products are high on the list of preferred videos. One huge major finding the research revealed is that nearly 60% of the Millennials want to be able to just click onto a video and be taken to a FAQ page about the product or service or even to a separate page where they can buy it right then and there.
  • While 54% said they regularly use ad blockers, that also means that nearly half of them don’t use them. Of those surveyed, 44% actually enjoy watching a well produced product or service video. Remember, you are solving a problem, you are fulfilling a need. If you don’t educate, inform and solve a problem, no amount of production will help you to drive the traffic.