How mobile friendly is your content?

If there is one thing that your business absolutely needs these days in order to compete it is a mobile presence. You must be optimized for mobile and your content needs to adapt to the what people use their mobile devices for in order to find what they are looking for. Google has been taking a long and hard look at what mobile marketing needs to be and has released some powerful research that that you need to start implementing today.

  • The first consideration, of course, is speed. Speed is, generally, the deciding factor with regard to a potential conversion. According to Google’s research, around 53% of all traffic will leave you before they even see what you have to sell. Get your site and content loading in the three second neighborhood and you should dominate your competition easily.

  • Being optimized for mobile means being able to be properly seen on all mobile devices not just cell phones. Yesterday was the time to completely examine your entire website to ensure both speed and mobile compatibility. After, check everything. Test everything and then do it all again.

  • Finally, for your mobile marketing to be truly effective, mobile users need your crucial information fast and in an easy enough form to quickly digest. Put graphics, bullet points and video to work for you. Make sure there is ample white space surrounding images and keep your text content to around 300 words and use at least a 12 point sized type. Again, be certain to test and re-test everything. Feedback and constructive criticism will help you hone your mobile marketing to where it is effective by driving traffic and making conversions.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer