Some mobile marketing trends you need to do now

Posted on May 30, 2016 in Marketing, Mobile, Mobile SEO, SEO


Mobile is here and it will remain here for quite a long time. If your business has not already incorporated mobile into your SEO and overall marketing strategy, then you are already way behind. Some recent trends in mobile marketing have developed that just may make your mobile presence more commanding. But, only if you incorporate them sooner rather than later.

Blurry and simple are the new keys

One of the most copied trends has been the so called “diffused” background. In normal talk, this means blurry. Twitter has used it and others now are to great affect and it seems to be well received by the general public. What it actually does is make your mobile presentation a bit clearer as it bring out the foreground in a more dramatic way. Also, the less is more adage can be highly effective in a smaller mobile space. Keeping the design, the information and the calls to action simple and clean has been shown to increase traffic as well as conversions.

Be big, be subtle and be single

One difference in traffic flow and conversions is being able to create larger fonts in your mobile design so that people can easily read what you have to say on a smaller screen. You also need to go subtle with your colors. Any marketing or advertising pro worth their proverbial salt knows that yet how many small businesses continue to use loud and obnoxious colors? Color plays a huge and significant role in behavior patterns so go the soft and subtle route every time. Bright loud colors make the screen appear too busy and confusing. Confuse them, even for the blink of an eye, and you have lost them. Single sign on with regard to social media are now standard so make sure you’re in this loop. Make it simple for potential customers to log onto your site from their social media location.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer