This is why your mobile strategy is failing

Posted on March 21, 2016 in Marketing, Mobile, Mobile SEO, SEO, Uncategorized

z111  The current ascendancy of mobile use is something far too many businesses have been ignoring to their peril. More than half the population accesses the Web via their smartphones or tablets and nearly 90% of all searches are now done on mobile deices. The challenge facing many small businesses today is that they are not taking advantage of everything mobile marketing has to offer.

You’re not adapting to the small screen

You must stay creative with the mobile user because their attention spans are scattered and distracted. The screen is so much smaller which means you literally have only seconds to engage them. Nearly 60% of mobile user engagement is with video. This should tell you that you need to get more creative with your video offerings. One way to continuously engage your audience is to offer discounts or even prizes. Use multiple videos that keep offering clues on how and where to get them. Use video to drive traffic and make those conversions.

 Keep adapting and keep the flow

Mobile marketing is a relatively recent endeavor so you need to try everything and run multiple tests to see what works best for you. Don’t forget mobile email campaigns because recent research reveals that about 70% of mobile users would rather get their marketing info through their email rather than being sent a simple text message on their phone. In addition, Google has revealed that nearly 90% o their gmail users access their email accounts via their phone or tablet.

Keep driving traffic. That is the key. Devise a number of different plans using a number of different tactics and see what plays out the best for driving traffic and making conversions. Keep all of your mobile marketing efforts flowing into all of your other SEO and social media efforts. Making it all work together is what will eventually produce the conversions and the ROI you have been looking for.

 -Written by Kevin Sawyer