Is your mobile strategy mobile enough?

Is your mobile marketing strategy really mobile enough? In the last year, mobile has become the preferred way to search, browse and shop on the world wide web. In these days of brutal competition and short attention spans, your business must be poised to dominate on mobile devices. Otherwise, you will quickly lose ground to your rivals.

  • The key to your mobile marketing success is speed. You must load quickly and access to your website and your checkout must be simple, easy and fast. If it takes longer than two to three seconds to load, your audience is gone. Responsive design must be in place and you must stay on the cutting edge of innovation with regard to that. You simply can’t fall behind. Recent research suggests that nearly 90% of mobile ads are watched all the way through. This means more click throughs and more conversions over the long run.
  • Texting has become a giant boom for mobile marketing strategies. About 97% of mobile users text with nearly 99% of them actually opening up and reading every text they get. You simply can’t get better targeting ROI than that. To put that into context, only about 20% of all marketing emails get opened. Stay short and to the point with your messaging and make sure they have a reason to click through to your site and buy.
  • The best way to drive mobile traffic is through coupons and special discounts and deals. These have long been a marketing ROI staple as over 80% are now choosing mobile digital deals and coupons over the actual hand held physical coupons and discounts. Craft a strategy that will offer deals and discounts that your audience simply can’t refuse to act upon. Do some testing and then ride with those that are showing the best performance with regard to conversions.
  • Recent research and studies are showing that nearly 85% of mobile users are using apps during their time online. To bring more bang to your mobile marketing efforts, you may want to consider developing and marketing an app. Apps have begun to prove that they have the power to boost conversion rates dramatically.
  • Finally, There should be no need to suggest to any business owner that they need to carefully integrate their mobile strategy into their social media marketing strategy. Mobile is here and will be here for many decades to come. You simply can’t ignore the potential and the profitability of stepping up your mobile marketing game so it is more mobile and more immediate.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer