Need some ecommerce hacks to boost your conversions?

You know that ecommerce is huge for you. It is the very lifeblood of your company and it will generate nearly $500 billion in revenue in the next two years alone just in the United States. Even if you are a traditional brick and mortar retailer, your ecommerce site must be a viable alternative for your potential customer base. Here are just a few hacks you need to take advantage of to keep the traffic, and those conversions, flowing.

  • Every success these days begins with your content and SEO marketing strategies. Your SEO has to be firmly in place and working well at all times. You need to make sure they can find you and you need to give them reasons to visit. Your content is the key to driving your ecommerce traffic. It must be fresh and engaging and must be both text based and visual. You need to educate them on your products, especially out at the social media platforms, and you need to constantly show them how you are going to solve a problem for them or how you will bring added value into their lives.
  • Poor site navigation and design is the leading cause of falling ecommerce revenue numbers. Sadly, too many small business owners leave their ecommerce site design to amateurs or “graphic artists” who nothing at all about marketing. The results are, generally, an extremely poor design that is killing sales. Your site must be both dynamic and simple. It must also be fast. If it is taking longer than three seconds to load then most are simply clicking out and heading off to your rival’s site.
  • You must make it easy for them to buy something from you. The steps to do that must be simple and clear. Hold their hand all the way to the checkout. The importance of this can’t be understated when you realize that around 70% of all ecommerce shoppers abandon their shopping carts before reaching the checkout. Why? Any number of reasons including long and drawn out registration forms and information requirements to a lack of choice with regard to payment options. If you allow buyer’s remorse to settle in at any time along the way, you’re doomed.
  • Finally, you must be mobile responsive. Searches as well as buying on mobile devices has been exploding and it is only going to be more dominant. You need to be mobile friendly especially now that Google has declared that mobile sites will be indexed first in any searches.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer