Need to immediately engage and bond? Here’s how…

The entire point of your social media marketing efforts is to engage and bond with your visitors as quickly as you can to build brand awareness and trust as well as to drive traffic. Competing for time at the social media platforms can be extremely brutal and competitive and you need to engage as quickly as you can. There are certain tools and strategies you can be using, however, that will pretty much guarantee that your visitors will engage with your brand almost immediately.

  • The first strategy to employ is to engage them first. Ask them questions and get them talking about what they are interested in. More importantly, ask them questions about your post and what they found most interesting about it. What did they like about the product or service or the information you sent along? Find out if they have experienced anything that was spoken of in the post and how it turned out for them. Did it help them? Did it provide some manner of added value to their life?
  • Images that you use at your social media page and in your posts are critical to your engagement as well as the use of emojis. Emojis are a well accepted, as well as embraced, part of social media conversations and should be used to express tone as well as a playfulness to the conversations.
  • Finally, videos and GIF’s just may be the quickest way to engage and build trust with your following. These will be the most remembered. The real key to combining all of these strategies is speed. For speed, you need to craft a plan ahead of time. Have several already written and ready replies ready to go after someone has engaged with you thanking them for taking the time to respond. Short and quick responsive GIF’s and videos that you have already created can save tons of time and give that feel of immediacy when you send one out during an engagement. As always, your social media marketing success depends on planning and timing. The quicker you can engage with a potential customer, the sooner you can drive them to your site and the sooner you can get them to spread the word about you.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer