What you need to do to make powerful videos that drive traffic

To belabor the crucial importance that video plays in the success of your SEO and overall online marketing efforts is not necessary. If you are not already integrating video marketing into your overall strategy then you are way behind most everyone out there. Your videos must be engaging. They must attract an audience by being so compelling that viewers must click through to your website. So, how do you do that?

  • The first, and most important thing, is that you need a story. The story must be properly constructed and must keep the viewer on the edge of their proverbial seat wanting more. They must move toward the conclusion that the viewer needs to click through to find out more.
  • As you may well know, the only way you are ever going to sell anything is by solving a problem or making someone feel better; bring them peace of mind. You know exactly how your company can solve particular problems and you must demonstrate that. One of the great ways to do that is to bring the viewer behind the scenes at your business. Let them see the people who are there to solve their problems. Having viewers get to know your people, to know that there are real people behind your business, will draw them in and enable you to build trust.
  • Regardless, the audience must have a good and positive feeling about your company by the end of the video. Never make a video longer than three minutes and keeping them around one minute seems to be the most effective. Also, give them some overt reasons to click through to your site like special prizes or discounts if they visit and buy within a certain time frame. Don’t forget to put them under time pressure.
  • Make your videos as personal as possible. Show companies or people just like them who were struggling to solve a problem until your company showed up and helped to become better and stronger than they were before. Remember, the viewers just want to find solutions to their problems and to be happy. Just like you.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer