Need more ROI from your social media? Here’s how…

untitled  Social media marketing has become an intricate facet to any business success these days. The most successful companies know that they need a strong social media component integrated within their overall SEO marketing strategy. If your social media marketing hasn’t been working for you, you need to try some different things.

Content, platforms and the competition…

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you have great, engaging and freshly updated content. If you can’t do it, find someone who can do it for you full time. Preferably a SEO marketing firm that specializes in getting the ROI their clients are looking for. Overhaul those keywords and phrases. Make sure you are using the right platforms for your business.

Facebook is best for B2C efforts while LinkedIn is ideal for generating ROI for B2B companies. You must integrate everything from content to infographics to videos and webinars. If you don’t currently have a YouTube channel, you need to get one today. It is the world’s number 2 ranked search engine and is sure to generate the traffic you need.

Your competitors, and everyone else, are in serious competition for people’s time and money. You need to create a strategy that will burst through and grab their attention. Take some lessons from those companies that are hugely successful on social media, particularly Facebook. See what they are doing and adapt their methods to your business.

Get personal and stay focused…

It doesn’t matter how many potential customers are out there or how big your company is. Everyone likes to be a person rather than a sale or a number. Keep it personal and make those connections. You will create lasting brand loyalty as well as generate some huge word of mouth.

If you have a social media marketing team, you must keep them focused and on task. You must create measurable goals for them. The same applies to your outsourced SEO marketing firm. They are as busy as you are so you need to be checking in regularly to ensure that your strategy stays on course.

You must have a plan and you must stick with it. SEO marketing is a long term investment and not an instant gratification. You are planning for your future so take the time to do it right.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer