Why you need a new SEO campaign right now


How many small companies are wringing their hands with regard to starting a SEO marketing strategy and actual campaign? Too many and they are falling drastically behind their rivals because they are not doing anything. Or, you have had one going but you have not put much of an effort into it? In this era of instant gratification, you may be thinking that SEO is an overblown waste of your time and resources.

Not so, of course. Here’s why…

It’s a long term investment and the strategies work

What most small business owners don’t realize is that SEO marketing is a long term investment. It is not a cost but an investment in your future. The ROI will come but you have to be patient and determined. It’s like in the old days of print advertising in the local newspapers. Most small business owners thought they just had to run a little ad and their phone would ring off the hook. That’s not how advertising, or SEO, works. Building visibility, getting traffic and word of mouth takes time. So does building trust.

SEO works because the search god, Google, has taken control of search and established certain rules and guidelines to level the playing field. No more “black hat” strategies, while effective, just clogged the Web with worthless junk for the most part. Now, there are exact strategies that you can apply that will boost your traffic, get you those cherished back links, and drive your conversions and bottom line.

If not now, when?

As has been mentioned, your rivals are pulling away from you with lightning speed because the have had a SEO campaign in place for some time and have been reaping the long term benefits. Also, your ROI is constantly giving you a compound return. Every piece of new and sparkling content, every referral, every new back link means more traffic and greater conversions. Each time you build your brand, you build your authority, you build your trust with everyone who comes to visit.

Your options with a SEO campaign are absolutely limitless for your company. The sooner you begin, the sooner you see the returns. The sooner your reputation, and your bottom line, begin to grow

-Written by Kevin Sawyer