Why you need a social media video strategy

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Social media seems to be an ever shifting world where your SEO marketing is constantly changing to try and stay abreast. One thing that can be said for certain is that video will continue to play a major role in your social media marketing plans and video will soon come to dominate the platforms.

Recent marketing research indicates that, in just two years, video will be nearly 70% of the entire traffic on the world wide web. Right now, the best research estimates are that over 100 million people access video presentations on the web every day. These numbers are only going to grow larger so you need to have a social media video marketing strategy for your company yesterday.

Contrary to how it used to be, much of the video that is out there runs ten minutes or longer. What you need to do is to determine how video will help your business and SEO marketing. Not all platforms will fit your strategy and not all types of video production will be right for your company. You have to choose the right methods because they are so time consuming and expensive but the ROI will be there for you if you do it right.

You should take on a professional SEO marketing firm to help you with your efforts. They know the strategy and have the equipment and the people to do it right. Too many small businesses are doing it themselves or leaving their video marketing strategy to amateurs, It shows and it will hurt your business. Your brand awareness will suffer as people will quickly recognize an amateur effort. It will not be a cost for you. It will be an investment in your future.

It is best to have your video professionally edited and presented. However, you can also choose a strategy where by you just run unedited video or semi edited video. If you want more of a reality show feel, you may want to go in this direction. It will be less expensive and time consuming also. This may work well if you are trying to do an impromptu “day in the life” of your company.

Finally, you have to determine the reasons for your SEO video marketing strategy. Will they serve just as commercials to increase brand awareness? Will you use them specifically to drive traffic to your site or store and to generate conversions? Or, will you use to simply to try and grow your presence at certain social media platforms?

Regardless, video is already a strong and serious presence out there and it is only going to grow in influence. You need a video marketing plan and you need one right now. You can bet your rivals already have one going.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer