New research points to your marketing future

Content creation and distribution is one of the most important weapons you have with regard to creating future success for your business. Some recent research published at Entrepreneur Magazine gives a snapshot of where the digital world is and where it is going. Nothing could be more important to your future marketing efforts than to have some real intel on where you need to go and what you need to do to make your digital content as engaging as possible.

  • With about half of the world’s population watching videos every day, now is the time to begin to seriously integrate video into your marketing. It is all part of telling your story, of bringing people in to see the real you and the real company. For B2B companies, they rely mostly on white papers and case studies but more and more are beginning to integrate video into their efforts in the form of webinars and podcasts.



  • It is all about drawing them in and getting them involved. Headlines are crucial in doing that as they force the reader to click to learn more about what you have to offer. Study the stats with regard to how and where digital marketing is shifting and how people are using it. Get personal because people want to like you. They want to trust you. When they do, you are set because people almost always do business with people they like and feel they an trust.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer