New research says this is what will boost your social media sales

According to some of the latest research, there are two main reasons successful companies are crushing it with their social media marketing. There is much relevant research out there that declares that nearly half of the population is on social media at least five times every day. It is impossible to ignore such statistics and the amount of potential customers that are out at the social media platforms every day.

The recent research was conducted by sampling well over 1,000 typical consumers with regard to their social media habits and what inspires them to learn more about a company and what drives them to actually buy. Accordingly, around 75% of those surveyed stated that they were compelled to buy because of a particular image or video presentation made. While over half said they preferred online shopping to buying at a location, more than half, about 52%, further stated that they had trouble navigating certain sites and actually fining the product they wanted to buy.

This, of course, shows some glaring holes in the SEO of certain companies but nearly 70% of those surveyed said that they would gladly accept any alternative product recommendations made at a website if the product they originally wanted was not there. While nearly half of those surveyed actually watch product videos, the research discovered that slightly over 80% have never actually pulled the trigger on the buy button. Images and videos are making the impact and it is only a matter of putting together the right engaging content to drive those conversions.

The top social media platforms with the highest potential for purchases being made were Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Little doubt remains as to the power that images, and especially videos, play in the success of a company’s social media marketing strategies. If all of your products are not represented by a video presentation, it needs to become a reality quite soon for you especially as the holiday shopping season approaches. Also, if you aren’t doing it, your rivals surely are. So, where do you thing those customers will be shopping?

-Written by Kevin Sawyer