This is why no one is hanging around

Your website is your very lifeline to your customers and, of course, those sales. So many small businesses are not seeing the traffic they have been expecting at their website but don’t really seem to know why. Your website is your main marketing tool to attract, convert and to retain customers and clients. If they come but don’t hang around, you need to make a swift and painful evaluation of your entire site.

  • Perhaps the biggest problem with websites that have huge bounce rates is that their focus is way off. Your site must be focused on your customers and solving their problems as well as being focused on how you are going to help them get better. They want to see results rather than all of the fancy bells and whistles attached to your products or services.
  • You must know who your customers are, what they want from you and where they are. You must also be using your site as your major tool for branding your business. Building your rep establishes name recognition and trust in your company as well as your products and services. It’s all about letting them know you and your company as well as how you can help them solve a problem.
  • Your traffic needs a reason to come, to stay and to return. Also, your entire site design must be geared toward only one thing and that is to make the conversion. Every step, every color, every call to action must be there to lead the prospect to the conversion. Being easy to use and navigate, as well as enhancing the customers experience at your site, will drive more traffic and conversions in the long run.
  • Finally, never neglect your data and your metrics. Know how to use your data and metrics correctly. Never assume that because you have traffic, you have customers. Also, don’t forget to be mobile everyday and make sure that your social media sites and content are driving traffic. Everything must be working together in harmony or no one will be enticed to hang around, explore and buy.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer