Not getting the conversion rate you need? This is why…

z333 Everything your business does is done for one reason and that is to make sales. Your SEO marketing exists to drive traffic to your site and your site exists solely to make those conversions. So, why aren’t you getting the conversion rate you want?

Weak bio’s and not enough landing pages

When a potential sale ends up at your site, they need to know exactly who you are, what you do, and how you are going to solve their problem. Too many businesses have too many distractions that obscure all of this.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to break your products or services down and have separate landing pages for them. Businesses that are using stand alone landing pages are getting over 90% more conversions than those businesses that don’t. In fact, with landing pages, it really is the more the merrier. Those businesses that have more than 30 landing pages are generating seven times the leads and sales than those with less than ten do. If you have more than 40, you are generating twelve times more leads.

No calls and even less follow ups

Another huge problem for small business with regard to generating sales from their SEO marketing is that their websites are vague and meandering. If people don’t know what you want them to do and can’t see a clear path to doing it, then they are leaving. Recent marketing data suggests that well over 70% of all small businesses don’t have a call to action on their home page. Even more horrifying is that nearly 70% of all small businesses don’t even have their email address on their home page and over 80% have no social media accounts at all.

In addition, not every visitor is ready to pull the trigger right then and there. You must follow up with them and lead them back to the conversion. Far too many small businesses ignore this tried and true way of generating more sales. Much of the time, however, your site is not leading them to the sales. There are too many silly distractions and they have to jump through too many proverbial hoops to buy from you.

You must let them know what they need to do and show them the clear road to get there. For your SEO marketing efforts to truly pay off, you need to pay more attention to your website and fix those things that are preventing customers from buying right then and there.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer