Not getting enough bang from Instagram? Here’s how to fix that

With the highest engagement rate of any of the major social media platforms and a user base of over 600 million every month, Instagram has become one of the leading players for engaging potential customers. The challenge is how to stand out, how to be noticed so that your brand can begin to attract an avid following. Instagram users are following dozens, if not hundreds, of brands so what do you need to do to increase your engagement and drive more traffic?

  • The first thing you might need to revamp is your color scheme. Instagram is nothing if not image and color. Recent data proclaims that blue ends up with nearly 25% more engagement than any other color. Also, using one basic color with its myriad variations seems to draw the most traffic as opposed to using more than two colors.
  • Just like the rest of your SEO and social media marketing efforts, you must have clear and forceful calls to action everywhere. You will never drive traffic and conversions if you aren’t holding user’s hands and leading them to where you want them to go. Instagram is like everywhere else in social media land. If you don’t let them know you want them to do something, they likely won’t do anything.
  • Encourage engagement by asking questions and getting some manner of discussion going. People like to give their opinions and “share” just about everything these days. All you need is a small handful of replies and the comment avalanche should start soon after. Also, make sure your proper hashtags are in place. They are a way to easily spread the word and to attract more traffic.
  • Perhaps the largest engagement factor at a place like Instagram, or any social media platform, is the use of faces. Faces draw immediate attention and increase engagement. Also, pay attention to your captions and run A/B tests on them every time you post. Run your analytics and your data and determine what type of caption is working best with regard to engagement and driving traffic.
  • Finally, know when to promote and cross promote. With regard to Instagram, many say Sunday night is ideal to post while other data points to between 7AM and 10AM local time. As you should be doing with all of your social media marketing, you must cross promote your Instagram content at your other platforms to reach out to a wider audience.

-Written  by Kevin Sawyer