Online marketing hacks you need to be doing right now

Are there certain online marketing strategies you should be doing right now? Of course, but the main aim of your online marketing efforts will remain the same; building brand awareness and driving traffic so that you can make those conversions. There are some strategies, however, that are going to take on an even greater importance as we move forward into the new year.

  • Your marketing success begins, and always will, with the quality, and quantity, of your content. Your written articles and your video productions are key to your online marketing success. They are your commercials sort of speak. Your content must inform, educate and engage. It must solve a problem or bring added value to a customers life. Your content is what is going to drive traffic. You know what your potential customers and clients need. Your content addresses those needs and builds authority and trust. The better they know you, the better they may like you and people like doing business with people they like.
  • Local SEO will be even more important than it already is especially if you have a store or an office at a physical address. Ranking as high as you can in a local SERP is crucial to your future. This is where keyword selection is critical. Accumulate as many as will be a perfect fit for what you do and where you are. Make it easy for them to find you in a local search.
  • Finally, everything depends on the condition of your website. One of the most important factors when getting ranked is your page speed. Taking longer than three seconds to load will find potential business lost. Quality design, knowing what makes a site flow, knowing how to build a site that will enhance conversions is what you need to be doing all of the time. The only reason your website exists is to make sales. That’s all. If it is not doing that for you on a consistent basis, it’s time to re-evaluate your site design as well as those who are designing it.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer