Online marketing more crucial than ever

As American small business continues to battle back from unprecedented challenges, it has become more and more evident that the long road back to success must be paved with online marketing. Never before has SEO, social media marketing and website presence taken on a more critical importance. Some recent research  published at Entrepreneur magazine by marketing research firm, Bluehost, seems to point to the increasing importance that small businesses must address with regard to the strength of their online presence and marketing. The following is taken directly from their published findings:

  • The 2020 pandemic has underscored the importance of digital marketing for small business owners.
  • Most have come to view their website as a critical component of their businesses’ overall success.
  • Most small business owners are feeling the economic impact of the pandemic and are looking for ways to overcome these challenges.
  • Despite the obstacles facing small businesses, many owners remain optimistic about the future.
  • There’s a readiness to persevere, adapt, and make key changes for future growth.
  • 49% of small business owners with online stores reported a boost in sales during this time.

  • Only a quarter of the respondents with online stores reported a decrease in sales.
  • 61% of those with brick and mortar stores saw a decrease in sales.
  • Those looking to create an online store have some learning ahead of them. Only 24% of respondents are confident in their knowledge of building an online store.
  • Creating an online store is just the first step. The next step? Figuring out how to implement it.
    • 30% of respondents reported difficulty attracting relevant or high-quality traffic to their website
    • 25% reported finding the appropriate target audience or market was a challenge
    • 25% cited search engine optimization as difficult
    • 24% said remaining competitive with other businesses on shipping and pricing was a concern
    • 23% reported data security as a challenge, given the complexities of online data storage and protection.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer