Online trends to reel them in

Over the last couple of years, social media marketing has become, perhaps, the leading factor in the success of many businesses regardless of size. In fact, some recent stats reflect that, worldwide, about 25% of marketing directors attribute their company’s success to their social media marketing. While trends can come and go, there are a few that have been sticking around simply because they have been working with regard to driving traffic.

  • One of the most helpful trends over the last couple of years has been the use of chatbots. Data continues to show that well over half of customers asked are convinced that chatbots are the easiest and most efficient way for them to get answers to their questions and to interact with customer service people at a business. Customer service is one of the key elements to the success of any company and chatbots must be fully integrated or you risk missing out on many conversion opportunities.

  • The next couple of trends are most seriously here to stay and those are voice search and bringing on board local influencers. You need to be mobile ready and if you continue to avoid it, or dismiss it, it is going to cost you dearly in the long term. Nearly 60% of current search engine searches are being done through voice and with the new AI data collectors (which have been given human names like Siri and Alexis so as to make them appear more “normal” and acceptable) that people have sitting in their living rooms, this stat is only going to grow.
  • There are major industry and profession influencers sitting where you are right now. Get to know them and bring them on board to help promote your brand. The increase in brand awareness and traffic will be noticeable. Finally, start making more video. Create podcasts, tutorials, commercials, and live events. Those on the cutting edge of online marketing have been doing so and have been seeing amazing results.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer