Outsourcing your online marketing could be your smartest move ever

The growth and entire success of your company will depend upon the quality of your marketing efforts. The ever changing world of SEO and social media marketing means that it just may be time for you to outsource your digital marketing. It is a full time job that no small business owner is really capable of doing. Not because you may not have the skills, but because you simply don’t have the time.

Outsourcing your online marketing can make a huge difference in your bottom line. Many small business owners balk at this but are they doing their own accounting, taxes and payroll? Are they doing their own legal and insurance affairs? If they are, then when do they have time to actually run their business? Having outside professionals handling your online marketing just means you have made a solid choice to expand you already impressive team.

  • The major advantage, of course, is that, like your lawyer, insurance rep and accountant, they are professionals. They know what is going on and they know how to drive traffic, expand your brand awareness and increase your conversions and ROI. They have everything you need from web designers to copy and content writers to true specialists who understand your business and know how to create greater awareness for it.
  • You will have the advantage of using the latest in technology as well as actually saving money in both the short term as well as the long term. They have the tools, the software and the knowledge to make it work to your advantage. Just keeping up with what Google is demanding regarding SEO strategies can be a full time job. Hiring a professional firm will also mean that your monthly costs are stable and predictable. When you add things up, your marketing firm will likely cost you less than one full time employee when you factor in salary, health insurance, worker’s compensation, turnover and other factors.
  • Bringing in an outside online marketing firm will mean that your marketing and brand awareness is a continuous effort without any stops and starts. You won’t have to worry about employee turnover or maternity leaves and vacation time. You can be as involved as you want to be and it, of course, leaves you free to do what you do best with regard to your business. Doing what you do best is the essence of your company’s success so why not make a plan so that you can devote even more time to that?

-Written by Kevin Sawyer