Personal branding is no longer an option

Personal branding is no longer an option that entrepreneurs can choose to ignore. If you truly want to succeed, you must separate yourself from the crowd. Trust and name recognition continue to be the things that continue to lift the winners far above the struggling crowd.

  • Image is everything and that, of course, starts with your images. It takes just the blink of an eye for someone to decide whether or not to go beyond any photos of you. If you don’t want to display personal photos at your site, or even out at LinkedIn, then you must have images and videos that will capture the imagination and cause people to want to engage further with you.
  • As always, your content will separate you and define you. This allows you to control your entire image and brand as well as provide potential clients and customers with the information and expertise they will need for their decision making process. Your exceptional quality and engaging information will extend your brand in a positive manner and drive some serious traffic and will help you secure those future conversions.
  • Influencer marketing has begun to wane simply because it has been overused and overextended. It worked well for a long time with the influencers in an industry and profession hawking certain brands but the fatigue of it all has finally begun to set in. What will begin to take over from that strategy will be sponsored content. It comes to the point where most visitors don’t feel they can trust the messengers any more. All of these online influencer stars have begun to fade and are being overtaken by branded and sponsored content. Not only can you feature such content at your site, but you can begin to create your own and establish yourself where your customer base is and where it can be effectively reached.
  • Finally, like your SEO and social media marketing efforts, branding yourself is an ongoing process that will take time to establish and to build on. Anyone looking for instant gratification will quickly find no gratification at all.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer