Prevent your brand from becoming invisible

No business wants to become irrelevant, or worse, invisible. Once those things begin to creep in, it is nearly impossible to stop the downward slide. The way to prevent that is to diversify your marketing efforts, from your SEO to your social media, and to build links and audiences that will consistently drive traffic for you.

  • Perhaps the best way to gain more visibility, as well as credibility, is through link building everywhere. Many small businesses ignore this to their detriment while other dismiss it as ineffective and a waste of effort. Building links and exchanging content with other related businesses is the way for you to grow and reach new audiences. While it takes some time to develop, it is, perhaps, the lowest cost way to extend your brand awareness.
  • Accept guest content and make an effort to be a guest contributor at other sites. Make your content creative and different so it stands out a bit. Video content as well as infographics and webinars are ways in which to immediately engage an audience and drive them to your site.
  • Going after the social media influencers is yet another stellar way to increase your visibility and drive traffic. Give those influencers, and the sites you are linked to, more than they expect. Be a cheerleader for their brand at your site and watch how your exposure at their sites will increase and boost your traffic numbers.
  • As always, your data is everything. You can’t be running blind. Regularly audit your SEO and social media marketing efforts and see which links and content are performing the best for you. Make your adjustments when you need to. When you are link building, create specific landing pages for specific links so you can get a good handle on which linked sites are performing the best for you with regard to driving traffic.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer