Promoting your videos on YouTube just got easier


One of the best SEO marketing weapons you have is video. These days, video SEO is critical to your overall success. The best way to get your videos out there is through YouTube. It is the largest search engine in the world, and with billions of potential customers, it is a site you must be on. Producing high quality videos will be difficult enough but the real challenge lies in your promotion.

Set up, calls, and staying local 

At first, you need to put together quality video productions. There are many SEO firms out there that specialize in video SEO and production. It will be a solid investment to get such high quality writing and production. Use all of the tools available to you at YouTube and make certain that your tiles and tags match and your engaging keywords are there. Next, start promoting to your friends and business associates. Get out on the social platforms, especially Facebook, and get the word out about your channel. While your videos must be engaging and informative, never forget to include that call to action. That is what your marketing is for; to drive traffic and make conversions.

Get listed and get linked

You must work your video SEO to where you are immediately listed in all of the major search engines. Again, there is no point in doing all of this if you can’t get the exposure you need. Get business vendors and customers to link to your videos and your site. Don’t forget to use some old school PR and press releases. Get the word out to your local, and national, media and know who the influencers and major bloggers in your industry are. Keep them informed so that they can keep their readership informed about your videos. Also, you must have your videos incorporated into your site as well.

Collaborate and consider some PPC 

Try and collaborate with other companies that are complimentary to what you sell. You can cross promote each other’s videos to each other’s customer bases. Also, make certain that your videos get promoted in all of your marketing collateral and email promotions. You can even embed videos right into your email marketing campaigns. Finally, your video SEO can get an immediate jump start and boost with a targeted PPC campaign online and at the social media platforms. Video PPC campaigns can be extremely cost effective and drive traffic.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer