Ranking tweeks to move you up

The are few thingsĀ  that will make your company stronger than a strong search engine optimization program. An active SEO plan drives traffic and gets your brand out where it needs to be. The challenge has always been to rank as highly as you can, preferably higher than you rivals. There are a few hacks and tweeks you can make to your strategy that should help you immensely with regard to ranking as highly as you can.

  • Standing out and being specific is critical to your success at the search engines. Show visitors how you stand out above the proverbial crowd and competition. Be specific as to why you do and make sure your title tags are as specific as possible. Show them how you are going to enhance their life or solve a pressing problem.
  • Next you must publish both written and video content that will be helpful and relevant to those who are coming to you. Use those keywords and phases that you know people will be using to look for you and always update your content on a scheduled and regular basis.
  • Don’t forget to have relevant and complimentary businesses linking back to you and make sure you have relevant links throughout your site also. Speed is everything to your site’s SEO success. Whatever is slowing your site down you must either re-design or completely eliminate it. Less than three seconds on a load time or your visitor is likely gone. Sitemaps are also an excellent way to make your site easy to navigate and visitors tend to stay longer than they normally would if they know what you have and where they can find it. And, finally, you must be optimized for mobile because that is where most of your traffic is going to be coming from. If your visitors can’t see you properly on a mobile device, the chances are likely pretty good that they will never be back.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer