Ready for a social media shift?

Like everything else in business these days, social media continues to morph and shift almost daily. As social media continues to  evolve, your social media marketing strategies must also shift and evolve if you are to take advantage of the opportunities to reach as many potential customers as you can.

  • Many of the social media platforms, especially Facebook, have suffered from adverse publicity of late which has caused consumers to be far more cautious of social media that they previously had been. Rebuilding trust in honest and engaging ways has become the leading strategy for social media marketing of late.
  • Social media continues to be a place where you must build your brand through exciting and engaging storytelling. It is a serious trend that doesn’t look to fade anytime soon. People want to know you and your business. They want to see your band as real people who will be there to solve a problem or to make their life better in some way. Your written content combined with exclusive photos and videos can take people inside your business and lead them on a journey of discovery. Let them see the real reasons they should buy from you.
  • You must create quality content rather than a quantity of content.  It must also be consistent across every platform that you use. Understand all of the platforms and know where your target audiences are going to be. When you put real human faces and feelings into your brand, it builds trust and loyalty almost immediately. They see you and believe that they can come to know you in a meaningful way that will have them coming back as well as informing their social networks about you.
  • Get personal with everyone as much as you can and be certain to segment out your audiences. Know where they are and what they need and then tailor and personalize your content toward their interests and needs. Be engaging and creative as well as trying to touch them in a real and human way. The trust and loyalty will surely follow.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer