Is this really why you need to be doing podcasts?

While podcasts are hardly new to the marketing scene, they are vastly underused by small and mid sized companies as well as solopreneurs. The truth of things, though, is that the use of podcasts can almost singlehandedly increase your traffic and your conversions. The podcast is a marketing tool that every business needs to be deploying and to be deploying on a regular basis.

  • According to the latest research, podcast watchers are more active across all social media platforms than any other users. In addition, podcast lovers are far more likely to follow a brand and to respond to its marketing efforts. In fact, nearly 50 million regular social media users are watching podcasts on a daily and/or weekly basis.
  • Half of regular podcasts watchers make over $75K a year and 30% of them are college graduates. In addition, podcast listeners are a 60%-40% mix with the males just easing out the females for most listeners and viewers. Few marketing weapons can give you a near even split with regard to reaching both a male and a female audience.
  • The great thing about a podcast is that it can be an audio presentation like a radio show or a video presentation like a long and continuing documentary or entertainment series you might see on television or at one of the streaming giants. It brings continuous traffic because of its continuous nature and it can set you up as an established expert in your industry or profession.
  • Podcasts are happening everywhere from offices to living rooms to garages to the streets.  Podcast translating software is cheap and can get you up and running in no time. Another difference to podcasts is that recent research at Fast Company magazine found that nearly 65% of all watchers and listeners actually bought a product or service that was advertised on the podcast.
  • So, advertising works during your podcast and is a great way to expand your revenue base. Invest in proper equipment and don’t neglect advertising yourself all over the social media platforms. Find out the niche you want to tackle and then create exciting and engaging content that will drive viewership and traffic for years to come.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer