Are these the reasons no one comes to your site?

The whole reason for your SEO and social media marketing strategies is to drive traffic to your site. Your site’s mission is to simply make conversions of as many visitors as possible. Unfortunately, for many small businesses, this isn’t happening at the pace they would like. Here are some reasons that it may not be happening.

  • One major blunder small businesses make with regard to their site is that they don’t spend the resources having their site designed and developed by a professional or a professional marketing firm. You need a professional firm because they are experienced with SEO and all that entails from design to keywords to content. Professionals understand natural flow as well as laying out particular pages for maximum affect. A professional firm knows what it takes for successful SEO and what it takes to drive the traffic you need in the ever shifting sands of today’s SEO marketing strategies.
  • Then there are challenges where the business is not optimized for mobile, has little or not content strategy and no inbound strategy. While all remain important to your SEO and conversion success, inbound marketing gets ignored all too often. With the inbound strategy, this is where your professional team comes into play as they can gracefully and effectively coordinate many facets including your social media marketing, PPC, email campaigns and your all important landing pages.
  • Other reasons that no one is coming will also include such things as a disaster of a home page as well as an absence of calls to action on both home page and landing pages. Not putting together a PPC campaign to jump start your traffic is not using your resources effectively as well as keeping things fresh by mixing up your media content and messages. You must integrate everything using your articles and videos as well as your audio marketing, infographics and email campaigns. And finally, of course, one of the major reasons people aren’t staying if they do come at all is the speed time of the site. If it takes more than three seconds to load your site, or one of your landing pages, that visitor is gone.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer