Some recent social media stats you need to know

Tablet in hands

Social media success can be one of the keys to your overall SEO marketing success. The wind, however, tends to shift rather rapidly out in social media land so here is the most recent marketing data and stats that you need to know and start putting to use for yourself and your business.

  • Believe it or not, Facebook users will unfriend you if they think you are posting too often. Around 82% of Facebook’s ad revenue is generated by mobile users and over 95% of marketers say that they are getting their best overall ROI from ads they are running on Facebook.¬†Over 90% of the Millennial generation (18-34) has a Facebook page.
  • Not enough small business are working LinkedIn strong enough with regard to their SEO marketing. Recent research shows that 98% of all LinkedIn posts that have both an image and a link, are read and responded to.
  • While slightly over 30% of small companies have begun to use Instagram as a serious marketing outlet, analysts predict that the number of businesses using it by next year will be about 70%.
  • The decision makers at B2B companies are, for the most only following blogs and articles at LinkedIn and at Twitter. In fact, over 80% of them only use those two social media platforms.
  • Over 70% of social media users will spread the word if they have a great experience with a company on a platform. Video content will get shared 40 times more than any other type of content on social media.
  • Any negative reviews or comments at any social media site, especially out on Twitter, expect a response from the company within an hour of it being posted. Nearly 40% of the Millennials prefer to actually communicate with a company via their social media page. As you plan your SEO marketing campaign, keep in mind that, believe it or not, most users have an average of 54 social media accounts out there somewhere.
  • Companies that post a blog and other written and visual content are nearly 20% more likely to generate traffic and positive ROI than those companies that don’t. Even though current digital marketing and SEO efforts are only at about 3% of the companies doing it, more than half of all internet users are using their mobile devices to make purchasing decisions and to do actual buying.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer