Reliable link building can boost your SEO significantly

z112 Having a solid network of inbound links will add some serious strength to your SEO marketing efforts. Building these links, however, has always been time consuming and tedious. Also, “bad” links, as declared by Google, can set your SEO back several months. Goggle’s Penguin update, however, has made things somewhat easier with regard to the links you should be looking to garner.

  •  The two best types of links you can garner are from leading government and education sites. Maybe you could offer a scholarship for your clients or customers and get certain .edu’s to link to you. It can be an enormous challenge to get linked to a .gov site, but if you do, these types of links are worth more than their weight in SEO marketing rankings gold.
  • If there some highly popular and visited blogs or forums that are specifically related to your industry, you need to link to them. Get out and post to these blogs because they will link back to you and who knows how many others you might attract from the blog’s viewers? Get out on the forums and show yourself the thought leader in your specific industry. Always include your contact info and a link back to your site.
  • Become a sponsor and make a serious contribution to a major charitable organization or non-profit. They will give you some nice publicity and as well as a link back to your site. These links tend to stay up forever and the authority they carry is invaluable.
  • Social media as well as the top video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo can be a great way to bring publicity to your site and to build a great chain of links in a very short time. Also, ask some of your best clients to post a testimonial for you at their site and then include a link to you. Such peer to peer reviews and testimonials are important and carry a lot of SEO marketing weight.
  • Finally, hit the bookmarking sites like Reddit and Stumbleupon to build instant credibility and links. In addition, get out to the RSS directories. This is an ideal way to build plenty of links in very little time.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer