Retaining customers may be easier than you think

z667 Retaining your customer base has always been critical to the survival of your company. Client retention means you will have a dependable cash flow and a solid basis for future planning. Doing just a few simple things, however, can assure that your customer base remains intact.

Deliver and manage those expectations

One of the things every successful entrepreneur and company does is deliver more than their customers expect. Perhaps some extra discounts or information only your special customers will receive? Perhaps an actual person to talk with when they call customer service? Also, you need to manage all of their expectations. If they expect a certain level of service, you must be consistent with it. This includes staying abreast of the comments you receive out on your social media platforms. Don’t ignore the angry and negative comments. Jump on them and try to make them right for your customer. If not, they’re gone.

Establish trust and make it personal

People like doing business with people the like and trust. It really is as simple as that. You must make it personal between you and your customers. They need to know you and you need to know them. This establishes trust and creates brand loyalty. You need every edge you can get because if your customers don’t feel special; if the feel slighted or unappreciated, you just gave your rival a free customer. Experiment with various ways to make your customers feel special and go with the ones that are creating a rabid fan base for you and your company.

Be in front of them and prove yourself over and over

All of your advertising and marketing efforts build your brand by creating name recognition. Creating name recognition establishes immediate trust. Name recognition and trust always leads to more sales and a healthier bottom line. Never let up on your SEO marketing efforts and all of your other ways to stay in front of your customers and make yourself an option in their minds. Never take them for granted. Always treat them as if this were the first time they have come to you for a product or service. Let them always see how you and your company are solving their problems and bringing added value into their lives.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer