Rich isn’t luck. It’s a mindset…

People just don’t all of a sudden become millionaires. It is a mindset. It is a way of looking at the world that poor people simply can’t see. For self made millionaire Steve Seibold, it’s a matter of thinking like the rich do and understanding how to attract money and wealth into your life.

He is the best selling author of a book called How Rich People Think and states that there are things you can do today, right now, that can get you started on the road to wealth and riches. All you really have to do is think like they do. Seibold’s book goes into detail on the ways in which the rich look at wealth and at life. Here are just a few of them:

  • The first thing the rich do is to think differently. Most people say that life just happens to them and they react to it. For the rich, they are pro active and it is they who decide how their life is going to be. They envision an outcome and then go after it to make it happen.
  • Those that get rich always aim high and think big. Most people, Seibold writes, are too afraid to come out of their safe little bubble worlds that, in reality, are not safe at all. Those that get rich have overcome their fears of failure and even of success. After overcoming their initial fears, people who get rich are totally dedicated toward doing it. It is the one financial goal in their life. They are focused only on that. Rich people know what they want and go after it 100% of the time. Seibold says most people don’t because most people have no idea what they even want.
  • Rich people work out for at least 30 minutes everyday and they forever see opportunities and areas of growth where poor people are only focused on what they can lose in a situation. They are willing to work hard and take the calculated risk where poor people would rather play it “safe” and stay poor and stuck.

  • Rich people don’t give a flying darn what others think of them. Poor people are always worried about peer pressure, about fitting in, about becoming a part of the herd. Rich people go their own way. Also, rich people only hang out with rich people. You are, indeed, who you hang out with. Hang out with losers, and you quickly become a loser.
  • They take the calculated risks and are actually up and out of bed at least three hours before their workday even begins. They choose to help others and they manage their money. They know what they need and budget for it. Unlike poor people, rich people know exactly where every nickel actually goes. Poor people just look in the mirror at the end of the week and wonder: what happened to my paycheck?
  • The rich also know you don’t need money to make money. They know that great ideas that help people and solve problems is what makes money. If they need to use other people’s money to fund those ideas, they do. They never play for fun. They always play to win and never wring their hands over their failures. For them, a failure was just an idea that didn’t work and they know that failed idea gets them closer to the one that won’t fail. Finally, poor people believe that money is the root of all evil while the rich think that poverty is the root of all evil.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer