How to rock your next mobile SEO campaign


Mobile is everything these days. That’s hardly a secret. More and more people are turning to their mobile devices, especially their phones, for search and for all of their other online work and play. Your mobile SEO campaigns are crucial to your financial and business survival so you really need to focus on what needs to be focused on the next time you launch a marketing initiative.

  • Being ready for the mobile world is no longer a luxury or an option. You must be there and you must be doing it right. It is not an area you can really do yourself or leave to amateurs. SEO and search in general has become so sophisticated and exact these days that you need to spend full time resources on it.
  • If you are not designed for mobile yet then you are way behind. You are losing at least half of the potential traffic you could be driving to your site or to your store. Over 80% of current users, especially those under 45, are exclusively mobile and over half of the searches performed online are mobile searches. Not only can your SEO team get you more bang but Google has tools you can use to get more out of your mobile marketing efforts and campaigns.
  • According to recent research done by Morgan Stanley, over 90% of people hold their phones all of the time or have them within arm’s length 24 hours a day. The addiction is there and you need to take advantage of it. Speaking of the 80% range, that is the amount of people who mobile search for local businesses and over 85% of the people in your store are using their devices to search your inventory, your possible discounts or coupons and your competitors.
  • There are currently three different ways for you to go mobile. The first is to be Responsive. This is the most flexible form as it adjusts to the size of the user’s screen for the most part. Then, you can go what’s known as parallel-mobile where you construct a separate website just for your mobile SEO and operations and, finally, you can be using dynamic serving which allows for adjustments in a visitor’s server and can load the page they are looking for depending on what they are searching for.
  • Remember, speed matters. If you are taking longer than three seconds to load, your visitor is gone. Around 40% of potential traffic will abandon you by three seconds and the rest will be gone if it is four or more seconds. Finally, create content that is mobile friendly. Bullet points and short, quick to the point, content works best. Speed, remember, is everything out there. In addition, use the tools available to track your SEO efforts. Your analytical data is critical to the future of your marketing and your business.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer