SEO fairy tales exposed

Despite the tremendous success of SEO, too many small and mid sized businesses still hesitate to deploy it. In an era of instant gratification, many entrepreneurs believe that they should see immediate results regarding any marketing strategy they decide to use. Sadly, many are ignoring the very tool that could boost their traffic and increase their sales. Let’s take a quick look at some of the SEO fairy tales that are floating around and why they remain just that – fairy tales.

  • The major myth is that SEO doesn’t work. It works quite well actually. But, again, those who declare it doesn’t work tend to have the mentality of children in that they want their ice cream now. The research clearly demonstrates the domination of SEO. Nearly half of all consumers begin their buying journey at a search engine and search is the most dominant of online activities trailing only social media, video watching and email. In addition, several research reports state that nearly 60% of all B2B companies consider SEO their number one generator of traffic and warm leads.
  • Many think it will take huge changes to their website and that SEO parameters tend to change all of the time. Well, yes, you will have to redesign your website if it isn’t well made and efficient. Your website exists to make sales. That’s it. If it isn’t doing that, you need to change it. Yes, Google tends to try and fix things that aren’t broken but, for the most part, any changes Google makes doesn’t tend to effect your rankings.
  • While PPC may seem more in the instant gratification ballpark for many, it is extremely costly compared with SEO. Your SEO strategy is carefully built over time and, over that time, your traffic will increase which means your conversions will increase. In the end, your SEO is not a cost but an investment in your future.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer