How SEO and social media success are linked

The success of your social media marketing strategies can very well determine the long term success of your SEO planning. These two marketing strategies, which every business needs to survive and grow these days, are intricately linked and can mutually support one another in your quest to grow your business and your bottom line.

  • One of the greatest strengths and links between your social media marketing and your SEO are your profiles out at your social media platforms. The challenge is that many small businesses don’t seem to bother all that much with the building of their social media profiles. Many of the smaller third party search engines are constantly searching through social media profiles in an effort to build a search base of local businesses. This is one of your best ways to begin to dominate local search. Google visits these sites and gathers up the information listed there as a foundation for ranking a local business so it seems critical that your social media profiles are exhaustive as well as updated regularly.
  • Your social media strategy will strengthen your SEO efforts because there is no better place to distribute your engaging content. Content is one of the cornerstones of your SEO success and your social media platforms can get that content out to a huge amount of potential customers all the while making you look great to the search engines.
  • Because of this content distribution network you have set up, it offers a stellar opportunity to gather up some quality backlinks. The possibility that influential bloggers and other sites might pick up and carry your content will do absolute wonders for your SEO. Content and backlinks are, perhaps, the strongest legs of any SEO strategy. These are two central strategies that all search engines, especially Google, tend to zero in on. The intricate link between your social media marketing strategies and the overall strength of your SEO efforts simply can’t be understated.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer