Is your SEO strategy making a difference?

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs have been struggling of late in their efforts to determine if their SEO marketing efforts are really making a difference in their overall business success. Those companies that are growing and thriving, however, know quite well that without specific SEO strategies that can applied across the length and breadth of the world wide web, they will easily succumb to their competition. It really gets down to trust. Do the potential customers trust you? Do the search engines trust you?

  • Age matters and so does your overall content strategy. These may be the two most important factors in your SEO success. The trust factor is huge with regard to the search engines especially search god Google. The longer they have indexed you, the more trust you have with them and the higher you will show in the rankings. That, of course, depends on several factors most important of which is your content. High quality and engaging content is the key to your longevity and your rankings.
  • The next two most important factors in your SEO success are the speed of your site and your user experience. Speed is a dominant factor in your search rankings. You load too slow, more than three seconds, and your audience is gone. Your user experience needs to be fresh and engaging as well as simple. Too busy, too may pop-ups, too many forms to fill out, and they are gone.
  • Finally, your keywords have to be specific and they have to be consistent. They are what get you noticed and what get you ranked. You must be mobile device responsive or you may as well shut down your operations right now. Mobile has begun to dominate both search and experience so you had best be ready. The success of your SEO strategy also hinges on your social media marketing strategy. Know your customers and know where they are. When you know these things you will be better able to concentrate on those social media platforms that will give your brand the most awareness and, in the end, drive more traffic to you site.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer