SEO sweet talkers you need to avoid

Mature businessman holding his eyeglasses

As a small business owner, you know time is money and that money is money. You also know that talk is cheap. Anyone can talk a great game but few, it seems, can actually play a great game when it comes to your SEO marketing strategies. There will be those so-called “experts” out there, maybe even a few at your own company, who will try and sweet talk you into thinking they know what they are talking about. Here are a few sweet nothings you will likely to hear form these”experts”. When you do, you will, at least, now know who not to listen to.

  • Anyone that tells you they know your industry and are an expert enough to increase your rankings needs to be avoided. Every industry is extremely different and the needs of the customer base are nuanced and can only be truly known by those who are in those particular industry trenches everyday.
  • Then you will have the guy or the girl who will brag that they know the SEO algorithms like the backs of their proverbial hands. The only one who knows what they are, and what they will be in the future, is Matt Cutts, the search god at Google. To really hone in on a SEO marketing strategy, there are, perhaps hundreds, of variables that need to be considered before setting course on a individual strategy designed to help your particular business.
  • There will be those that will tell you all you really need is the SEO strategy and a huge amount of links. Your strategy has to include SEO, of course, but there is far more to it than that. You need great content, both written and video; you need to be active out on the social media platforms and you need to be optimized for mobile. As far as links go, it all has to do with quality not quantity. Your algorithm expert should have known that.
  • Just always remember that your SEO marketing strategies, like your business itself, is an ongoing project that needs to be cared for every day. If you are hearing promises that just seem to good to be true, make a run for it. You want professionals who understand that this is a long haul, an ongoing and ever shifting reality. Don’t listen to the amateurs. They talk a great game but when it’s time to play, they are, usually, nowhere to be found.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer