SEO trends you need to be ready for

While the basic foundations for your SEO and social media marketing will tend to stay steady over time, there is that technology and innovation that pops up when you least expect it to. As new innovations and strategies continue to make their presence felt, it can sometimes be overwhelming for a small business to keep up. There are a few innovations that have arrived that will need to be adapted to and these trends will seemingly carry over well into the next year or two and beyond.

  • While it has been here for a bit, zero click results have been grabbing more and more search share everyday. You have seen them. They are simple enough. You ask for the weather in Los Angeles and it just pops up with the temperature and conditions in the form of a graphic snippet. Over 60% of results shown at Google are zero click which means people will have to seriously scroll to possibly find you. This development is making keywords more costly and Google doesn’t really tell anyone how their AI decides which snippets to show.

  • Optimizing for voice search has now become an imperative and will play a more prominent role in the years ahead. This is mainly due to the explosion of voice searches being done with the AI home speaker systems. This is going to fast become an opportunity for small businesses everywhere as advertising on those speakers is starting to gain some serious traction.

  • Finally, while your written and video content must always remain strong and consistent, chatbots will become more prevalent for small business as costs can be saved and a more immediate contact can be made with a potential customer. Chatbots, according to some major research, are being shown to be profit generators as they are steadily engaging and driving conversions.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer