Should you integrate some PPC with your SEO?

Driving traffic will always be the name of the game. Right now, your best and most proven options for doing this are your continuous SEO marketing as well as the tried and true Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaign.

  •  A PPC program is, basically, an online marketing and advertising blitz via such programs as Google AdWords. This will allow you to focus on your demographic and have your message displayed whenever search results come up for those looking for what you have to sell.
  • The challenge for small businesses is whether to incorporate this strategy with your long term and ongoing SEO marketing strategies. PPC can drive traffic to you immediately. You need to attract some immediate business and PPC will allow you to do that while your SEO marketing strategy allows you to sustain and build a new customer base over time.
  • Using both is a sound strategy especially if you are in an industry that is highly competitive. If you are in a niche situation, you can establish yourself as an expert through your SEO strategy and might of have much of a need for PPC.
  • If you are a startup and in bootstrapping mode, PPC just may be your best bet while you build and deploy your SEO strategy. A good rule of thumb is that if you are not all that sure of where your positioning is at the moment, go with an immediate PPC campaign. It will drive the traffic you need while everything else begins to fall into place.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer