Should your business go live?

Many businesses of all sizes have integrated YouTube into their social media marketing mix and have done it effectively. Having a YouTube channel, or just videos in general, can boost your traffic and your conversions like few other tools in your SEO arsenal. Is it time for you to take your video marketing to the next level? Is it time for your business to go live?

  • Taking your company live via YouTube can have a great many advantages. There is no recording and editing and a live broadcast can be any length you choose. It is all about connecting with the audience, getting them to know you on a more intimate level. They get to see the people behind the company. Streaming a live event offers you a truly precious opportunity to interact with the audience and to draw them in deeper to your brand. Many companies. of all sizes are using this unique presentation situation to launch new products and services, introduce an audience to their brand and the people behind it, as well as holding seminars and bringing people inside industry conferences and special events.
  • By using YouTube as a host, you can be a small company and still be able to compete with the big boys and girls. The costs are minimal but the return can often be quite considerable. Be sure to make this as professional a production as possible. This is not your uncle’s birthday party that you shot with your phone and are uploading to your Facebook page. This will be a reflection of you and your business. You can’t look like a rookie or, worse, an amateur.
  • Get someone who is an accomplished speaker and presenter to host the show. If that is not you then look for someone on your sales team. At the beginning, tell everyone what it will be about and why they should be tuning in. This is a commercial for you, a huge sales opportunity. Offer them a way to interact with you and make sure your contact information is regularly presented. Also, offer them a discount or free sample just for tuning in. If done right, a live broadcast can enhance your image, drive traffic and increase your bottom line.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer