Simple hacks to drive more Instagram traffic

With over 800 million users, Instagram is one of the most potent social media marketing weapons any business can have. The potential to drive some of this traffic to you and develop long term customers is something your business can’t afford to ignore. The key to winning some of this new business is, as always, strategy. What will work on other social media platforms may not likely work for Instagram so it is crucial to understand the platform in order to drive some of that traffic.

  • The key to your immediate success is connections. Know who the Instagram audience is and find out how you can help them solve a problem or bring some added value to their lives. You must want to make them click to your site. What are they looking for? What will make them follow your Instagram posts? If you build your visual content to draw these customers, you are half way there to driving traffic and making those conversions at your site. Also make certain that your new Instagram account can be easily accessed from all of your other social media accounts.
  • Your content must be highly adapted to the visual which will make the stories you tell all the more engaging. Success out at Instagram means you have to get personal with your audience. Tell them the story of how the business was started, get them to know you and your people and take them for exclusive behind the scenes looks at how you company operates on a day to day basis. The more they know you, the more the will come to like you and to trust you. Establish those things, and the conversions will not be far behind.
  • Be consistent with your posts and with your content. You must post regularly and you must discover the best times to post. Once you know who your potential audience is, find out when they are on the platform most frequently. Respond to any and all comments you may receive even if they are negative. This will increase your audience engagement if they know you are around and care enough about how they feel. Finally, the best way to boost engagement and traffic is to consistently hold special events and contests. Contests with prizes or discounts are a huge draw out on social media and especially at Instagram.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer