Some quick site hacks to get you seen by the search engines


The major reason for your SEO marketing efforts is to get your brand seen by the search engines. The major engine, Google, deals with nearly four billion searches and search results every day. Are you getting seen? Here are some hacks you need to be doing to increase your visibility out there for great and effective SERP results.

Optimize and lose those 404’s

Optimizing every one of your site pages with engaging content will definitely raise your results. Every page from the Home page to the About page needs to sparkle with carefully crafted and detailed information. Optimize them with key words and phrases because if the search engines, especially Google, see very little info, they won’t even index the page. Make sure your meta and title tags are specific and key word rich so that searches are led directly to your business. This way every page has a definition and a purpose. Check all of your pages and rid yourself of those 404 errors. They are costing you serious visibility and it smacks of start up and amateur.

Speed is everything

I can’t be said enough with regard to SEO but speed is, indeed, everything. That means optimizing everything you have and optimize for speed. If your site and pages aren’t loading in under four seconds, your bounce rate is going to soar because everyone is leaving for your competitor’s site. Speed, believe it or not, is greatly appreciated by your visitors and SEO marketing research has shown that the faster the site, the greater the conversion rates. There are a number of ways to increase your SEO effectiveness through speed so take advantage of it when you can.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer