Small Biz increasing digital investments

According to recent reports and research, most small businesses across the USA are not only optimistic about the economy, but are increasing their investment in their digital marketing. Some news and data coming out of the small business news and data site, The Manifest, reveals just how much confidence small business has in their SEO and social media marketing efforts. Their recently unveiled study is called How Small Businesses Use Digital Marketing Channels In 2019. They surveyed 529 small business all across the USA and below are direct excerpts from the study:

  • By 2021, online shopping is projected to reach $4.8 trillion in revenue, which means small businesses have the opportunity to benefit from these consumer habits. Small businesses can increase their profits by evaluating which digital marketing channels have the highest return on investment (ROI).  Almost all small businesses (89%) invest in marketing, which demonstrates the value of marketing efforts.
  • More small businesses (35%) prefer digital marketing than traditional marketing (31%), as companies focus their efforts online.
  • Nearly all small businesses (95%) will increase their spending on digital marketing in 2019, which indicates digital marketing is a high-return investment.

  • The top channels small businesses will increase their investment in are social media (63%), website (54%), and SEO (35%).
  • Almost three-quarters of small businesses (73%) invest in social media.
  • Only around half of small businesses (49%) invest in SEO, suggesting small businesses do not find SEO as valuable as other digital marketing channels.

  • About one-third of small businesses (34%) invest in video marketing, while only 27% plan to invest more; however, video marketing can be extremely lucrative for small businesses.
  • The top 6 digital marketing channels small businesses invest in are social media (73%), website (73%), email marketing (57%), SEO (49%), video (34%), and content marketing (32%).
  • Digital marketing offers a number of channels that small businesses can invest in successfully. Specifically, small businesses plan to increase spending in social media (63%), website (54%), and SEO (35%).

-Written by Kevin Sawyer