How Snapchat can be a great marketing weapon for you


Snapchat, the instant video and imaging messaging app, can be one of your most formidable weapons in your SEO marketing arsenal. It is an instant way to be in touch with your customer base as well as attract new customers to your brand. Snapchat has moved into the forefront of mobile marketing and has introduced new features such as it’s “Stories” feature as well as people being able to pay online through the app. Here are few strategies that will boost your SEO as well as your conversions.

  • One of the great messages to get out there, and how to beat the big players in your industry, is to message out all of the special community events you will supporting and attending. It helps get the word out about these important community affairs and events and it makes your company look like it is involved with and cares about the local community.
  • Snapchat is an excellent vehicle for promotion and for offering special deals. Social media users, especially those using Snapchat, love games and prizes. Create some special games or treasure hunts offering special deals or outright prizes.
  • Use the Stories feature to give everyone an opportunity for a behind the scenes look at you and your business. The better they get to know you, the more they will like you and build trust with you. It’s an opportunity to extend your reach and brand awareness out to an audience you may not have considered before in your SEO marketing efforts.
  • Use the platform to reach the Millennial audience as well as to do some market research. Everyone likes to have their opinion respected so ask away. It is also a great way to network and make connections because there isn’t the huge traffic numbers┬álike at Twitter or LinkedIn. Get as creative as you can with your content. Aim it for the demographic that is mostly out there which is the Millennials. Do your due diligence and come up with engaging content and see your SEO soar as well as your conversions and ROI. And don’t forget to spread the word everywhere that you are now on Snapchat and to miss you there is to miss out on some great content and some great deals.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer